4 Basic Items to Clean Your Car 

Cleaning your car not only benefits you but your car as well. Here are the things you will need to keep your car clean and brand new.     

 1. Sponge and bucket  Every cleaning chore includes the basic sponge and bucket. Having a bucket with a decent size helps you in making sure you have the right amount of water with soap to conquer your car’s dirt.     A way to ensure you are cleaning your car properly is to prepare a bucket of water and soap and another bucket with water alone. Through making sure you have 2 separate buckets; you are also making sure that you are washing your car properly through a process of wash and rinse.     You also need to make sure that you have the right quality of sponge to pair with your soap solution. This is to make sure you are only cleaning and not scratching the surface of your car. Moreover, as you prepared 2 buckets, it is also a wise decision to prepare 2 sponges as well. Since your car has lesser dirt in its upper part, use one sponge there. The second sponge will be used for the lower part of the car because it is dirtier and can have more coarse dirt particles that may leave scratches on the upper part of your car.      2. Car wash liquid  If you are getting dizzy with the various options of liquid solution for your car in the market then going for a soap with the closest neutral pH level is your safest choice. Having a liquid soap that has a neutral pH or close to a neutral pH for your delicate car paint helps in getting rid of the grime and dirt without damaging or stripping the paint of your car.     Products with higher pH often bring damage to the paintwork of your car. Moreover, some products have 2 functions like providing wash and shine at the same time however it does not necessarily deliver its claims, thus sticking to the basics will not only ensure you are getting the soap bubbles you need but ensuring that you are only paying for what you really need in a washing liquid.      3. Microfibre towels  After thoroughly cleaning your car through washing and rinsing, never let your car just dry on air, wipe it off for a cleaner and no smudge look.     Microfibre towels are found everywhere and it does not cost much to buy one for your car. However, invest on microfibre towels that are of high quality so that you won’t have problems with scratches in the future.      4. Polish and Wax  Polish and wax are often recommended twice a year to ensure that you are protecting the paintwork of your vehicle. Having your car polished and waxed also gives your car an added protection from the elements of the environment. Moreover, polishing also gets rid of micro scratches that have been accumulated as you drove for the last 6 months.     If you want your car cleaned not just on the outside, then car detailing Athens must be for you! Check out their company’s website and reach them to help you with your concern.