Why Does Your AC Unit Emit Foul Smell?

You should always remember that the air coming out of your AC system shouldn’t have any smell at all. But, if you notice that your unit is releasing a musty smell a couple of seconds after changing the thermostat, you will likely have to call an expert AC repair Austin technician.     Today, we are going to talk about a couple of reasons why your AC unit emits a foul smell. 

Incorrect AC Unit Size 

Your AC unit needs to be the correct size of it to properly work. The air gets cycled throughout your house too fast if the unit is too big for your property. This means that it does not totally get dehumidified. This results in excess moisture. Aside from that, the incorrect AC unit size might be vulnerable to constantly turning off and on. This leads to potential premature failure and excessive wear and tear.   To know if your unit is right for your house, you can consult a professional. 

  Blocked Condensate Line 

That tiny PVC pipe that you see next to your condenser unit is called the condensate line. The purpose of this pipe is to drain water from the drip pan to the storm drain or landscaping. But, since it is small, it is also prone to sludge, mildew, and mold buildup. This can result in musty smell and clogs inside your house.   That’s why you have to clean the condensate line every month.  

A Drain Pan Filled with Water 

The moisture that is eliminated from the humid air inside your house causes water droplets to fall into the drip or drain pan. But, this component of your AC system suffers routine wear and tear. Because of this, over time, it might not work as effectively as before.  Mold can grow in an inefficient drain pain. This is probably the reason why you can smell a foul odor when you use your AC. Contact a professional HVAC technician right away to fix this issue. 

Frozen Evaporator Coils 

The job of your AC system is to absorb warm air inside your house, get rid of humidity, cool the air, and cycle it back inside your house via vents. For this process, free-flowing air is crucial. That’s why it’s vital to have a clean air filter.  Debris and dirt obstruct airflow via the filters. This causes water drops from humid indoor air to accumulate on the evaporator coils. After that, it will freeze as the refrigerant of the AC system keeps on cooling the air. 

  Excess Moisture in Vents or Air Ducts

  Excess moisture that gathers inside vents and air ducts can be caused by a drainage leak or high humidity levels. There is a high possibility that mildew and mold have spread within the ductwork if you smell something foul when you turn the AC system on. Keep in mind that exposure to mold can cause a couple of problems. This includes health issues. Because of this, you’ve got to hire an HVAC professional immediately to have your unit cleaned.  


4 Basic Items to Clean Your Car 

Cleaning your car not only benefits you but your car as well. Here are the things you will need to keep your car clean and brand new.     

 1. Sponge and bucket  Every cleaning chore includes the basic sponge and bucket. Having a bucket with a decent size helps you in making sure you have the right amount of water with soap to conquer your car’s dirt.     A way to ensure you are cleaning your car properly is to prepare a bucket of water and soap and another bucket with water alone. Through making sure you have 2 separate buckets; you are also making sure that you are washing your car properly through a process of wash and rinse.     You also need to make sure that you have the right quality of sponge to pair with your soap solution. This is to make sure you are only cleaning and not scratching the surface of your car. Moreover, as you prepared 2 buckets, it is also a wise decision to prepare 2 sponges as well. Since your car has lesser dirt in its upper part, use one sponge there. The second sponge will be used for the lower part of the car because it is dirtier and can have more coarse dirt particles that may leave scratches on the upper part of your car.      2. Car wash liquid  If you are getting dizzy with the various options of liquid solution for your car in the market then going for a soap with the closest neutral pH level is your safest choice. Having a liquid soap that has a neutral pH or close to a neutral pH for your delicate car paint helps in getting rid of the grime and dirt without damaging or stripping the paint of your car.     Products with higher pH often bring damage to the paintwork of your car. Moreover, some products have 2 functions like providing wash and shine at the same time however it does not necessarily deliver its claims, thus sticking to the basics will not only ensure you are getting the soap bubbles you need but ensuring that you are only paying for what you really need in a washing liquid.      3. Microfibre towels  After thoroughly cleaning your car through washing and rinsing, never let your car just dry on air, wipe it off for a cleaner and no smudge look.     Microfibre towels are found everywhere and it does not cost much to buy one for your car. However, invest on microfibre towels that are of high quality so that you won’t have problems with scratches in the future.      4. Polish and Wax  Polish and wax are often recommended twice a year to ensure that you are protecting the paintwork of your vehicle. Having your car polished and waxed also gives your car an added protection from the elements of the environment. Moreover, polishing also gets rid of micro scratches that have been accumulated as you drove for the last 6 months.     If you want your car cleaned not just on the outside, then car detailing Athens must be for you! Check out their company’s website and reach them to help you with your concern. 


Perks of Having Accountants in Small Businesses

For any startup business, having an accountant can lead to a lot of benefits. Some of the apparent benefits include piercing through the red tape that startup businesses encounter and navigating tons of paperwork. But wait, there’s more. A great accountant can do more than only balancing the books. To know more about how your business can benefit having an accountant, keep on reading below: 

You will have assistance while growing your business 

For all business owners, the main goal and priority would be to grow the business. Consider your business as your baby to impact your goals. Your accountant can provide you objective and realistic advice on how you can make it grow. Moreover, they will take a dispassionate opinion about your business. Meaning, they will be honest about what you need to do to improve your business.  

You will have a reliable advisor 

It’s quite hard to keep track of our own expenses, what more if you handle your business finances and expenses? It’s even harder than you think. Thankfully, your hired accountant can assist you to keep your business and personal expenses separate and to monitor your expenses in general.  

You can access to the valuable information source 

The American tax code isn’t intended to help individuals. Instead, it is made to help businesses since they are job creators. Also, the tax code is pretty complex. Hence, as you have made a business brand, you won’t get the tax benefits unless you know the code by heart. Apart from that, the tax code usually changes. Meaning, even if you can understand it now, the code can be changed within 1 year. Hiring an accountant will be beneficial since they are experts about the tax codes and they are updated when it comes to some changes, making sure that you will get the maximum benefits.  

You can save time 

As a business owner, always remember that time is money. If you are not an accountant yourself, it would be best to hire an accountant who can help you give more time to focus your time on your startup business. The basic rule here is to compare the cost of an accountant to your hourly rate. For example, when you charge 100$/hr. and your accountant’s rate would be 100$/month, the $100 you spend on hiring one will be worth it since it would more likely be challenging to finish your monthly accounting tasks within one hour.  

Apart from that, there are tons of deadlines that you need to be reminded of, apart from your customer deadlines. When you fail to remember those dates, you will be charged with penalties and fines by the IRS. If you can’t afford all of that time and the fines and penalties, the solution for that would be to get a licensed accountant Melbourne NW.  

If you are interested to hire one, make sure to only hire the licensed accountants with promising skills and work ethics to maximize their accounting services for the betterment of your business. 


Steps on How to Create a Menu

If you are starting out in the restaurant business, you should make sure that you do everything in your power to make it right especially in the beginning where there are so many things that you have to do other than paper work or legal works because you also need to find the place where you are going to put up your business, you would need to talk to people you want to hire as your staff and you would also be needing money to make everything possible. You should make sure that you follow the correct steps so that you will not be lost on the way.  

In the process of everything, you should never forget to develop the menu of your restaurant. This is one of the most important parts out of anything because this is what you are going to follow and use during the operation of the restaurant and in here will be the list of food that you will be serving out to people who are going to dine in your restaurant. If you would like to have some seriously good reviews for your restaurant, make sure that you have a menu that will blow everyone’s mind. And always keep in mind to never forget the classics because a simple fish & chips will definitely change the game for good.  

If you want to create the best menu ever, you are in the best spot because we could help you out with that. Here are the steps that you should take in order for you to make the best restaurant menu: 


You should always decide on the concept that you would like to have in your restaurant. In order for you to decide on this, you should ask yourself this question: What should my restaurant be known for? 

That specific question will help you decide on the concept of the restaurant and that includes the flavor and elements that you would want to be included in the menu. 


Decide on ingredients that you will be using for the food that you are going to serve on your restaurant. This is a very important matter that you should consider because it is one way of determining if these ingredients and foods will impress your target people. You should make sure that you choose the best ingredients that will impress the people but also be practical for the business.  


Look for suppliers. Since you have already decided on the ingredients that you will need, you should now look for a supplier of these items. You should consider their products, the quality, their delivery time and the cost of the products.  


Now, you need to do some costing. After getting all of the prices of the ingredients from the suppliers, you should now develop the cost of the food on your menu. You should include operational expenses in the process of costing. 

STEP 5:  

Test everything out. Before you put it out on the market, you should make sure that you have checked the quality, the taste and the look of everything that will come out of your restaurant’s kitchen.  

As long as you follow these steps, you could definitely develop the best restaurant menu in your life.  


Furnace Cleaning And Maintenance 

As the weather starts to get cold, and the leaves of the trees beside our home starts to fall in celebration with the winter season, we tend to do every necessary things to turn up the heat, maybe light up our furnaces to keep us warm during the cold weather and give us comfort. However, what most of homeowners do not realize is that their main heating system, which is the furnace, is just like any other appliances in the home. The home furnace also needs to be maintained, cleaned, and given regular care in order for it to not stop working and for its lifespan to last longer. 

It doesn’t matter what type of furnace you own, it may vary in size or shape, but it still needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly if you want to have a better result in heating or if you want to save a lot of money in constantly building a new furnace. The main process done in a furnace is that it burns things in order to produce fire and give lasting heat inside your home. Because of this, your furnace is more likely to gather ash and dirt which could pile up sooner. If a huge amount of dirt resides in your furnace, it wastes fuel and it also decreases your furnace’s efficiency. By cleaning your furnace regularly, you can avoid this kind of consequences which will lead to more expensive repairs in the future.  

Dirt and ash is your furnace’s number one enemy because it affects its three major parts: the blower, the filter system, and the motor. Cleaning the furnace filter regularly means cleaning it during the start of the heating season and at least once or twice a month in order to keep the furnace and your home itself cleaner, as well as preventing the debris and dirt from entering the blower and severely damaging it. Another thing you need to consider is maintaining the cleanliness of your furnace’s duct system. If you have a dirty air duct, it is more likely that the air you breathe inside your house is contaminated and dirty. Therefore, the need to regularly keep your duct systems clean is a vital component in providing clean air and improving your furnace’s efficiency. Also, cleaning the duct system in your furnaces reduces the number of  allergens and molds, gets rid of unnecessary and irritating dust in your home, decreases the energy cost and provides a good and clean airflow in the house. If you are planning in buying a house, or you just moved in to a new home, better go for a double check on the heating system and duct system to make sure it is clean. If the air you breathe inside your house is a bit mossy and odd, that is more likely to be a need for cleaning.  

Cleaning and maintaining your furnace is such an important job. Though it is easy to say that you need to clean and maintain it, the process is a complex one. Some of the process in furnace cleaning is a difficult one and should be handled by experts. Luckily, companies like got some experienced experts that offers this kind of service. Check them out and keep your furnace good and clean.